Thirteen Incredible GitHub Repositories To Leverage Your Blockchain Learning


The internet is a beautiful place of knowledge. You can find educational material nearly everywhere, and GitHub is no different. This article focuses on showcasing thirteen incredible GitHub repositories to you, all packed and filled with learning resources and opportunities to make you better at blockchain development. From Bitcoin to Ethereum, from Python to JavaScript or Solidity, there’s something in here for everyone.

(This article is based on a thread I released on Twitter.)

1. Awesome Blockchain Resources

Awesome Blockchain Resources

This repository contains an awesomely curated list of resources related to blockchain. It contains tutorials, guides, articles, papers, and books. Many of your questions are already answered here.

2. Awesome Blockchain Collection

Awesome Blockchain Collection

This repository contains a tremendous amount of learning resources. They range from tutorials covering the implementation of your very own blockchain to articles and books. There is something in for everyone.

3. Awesome Blockchain Curated

Awesome Blockchain Curated

This repository does not contain the classical learning materials as many of the other repositories listed here. Instead, it has many real-life examples of applications working on the blockchain, for you to analyze and get an idea about. Sometimes, the best way to learn something is to see how others do it.

4. Blockchain Learning Path

Blockchain Learning Path

This learning path covers everything, from theory to practice. It guides you from the basics to the advanced concepts and is a great path to follow if you want to cover Bitcoin and Ethereum.

5. Learn Blockchain In 2 Months

Learn Blockchain In 2 Months

Learning blockchain in 2 months is a challenging task, but not impossible. This repository does not seem like much, but it covers all the resources you need to complete that task in chronological order. Follow this path, and you will be pretty up-to-date after only two months.

6. Ultimate Solidity, Blockchain, and Smart Contract – Beginner to Expert Full Course | Python Edition

Ultimate Solidity, Blockchain, and Smart Contract - Beginner to Expert Full Course | Python Edition

The repository to the great freeCodeCamp YouTube course on blockchain with Python. If you don’t know that course yet, it covers over 16 hours of in-depth knowledge and everything you need to use Python for smart contract development. It contains a lot of code that helps you to understand what’s going on for sure.

7. A simple blockchain implementation in Python

A simple blockchain implementation in Python

Learn to build a blockchain in Python by analyzing this implementation. It is the accompanying repository to another book that contains all explanations you need to understand the whole code. This repository is especially interesting because it shows you that even Python, a language not usually used for blockchain clients, is still a very good choice and gets the job done.

8. Learn Bitcoin From The Command Line

Learn Bitcoin From The Command Line

A complete guide to interacting with Bitcoin and learning more about it through its CLI. This one is not directly tied to implementing logic, learning about cryptographic primitives, or peer 2 peer networking. Instead, it focuses on you learning to interact with Bitcoin through its CLI client. Using the major blockchain out there also helps you to understand blockchains themselves.

9. Learn How To Build A Blockchain With Go

Learn How To Build A Blockchain With Go

If you ever dreamed of implementing your own blockchain in one of the most popular programming languages for blockchain development out there, this repository might be exactly what you look for. Go is the language most Ethereum clients and nodes and many other blockchains are implemented in. Why not use it to implement your very own?

10. The Bitcoin Book

The Bitcoin Book

Bitcoin is still the blockchain. It might not be a smart blockchain like Ethereum or Solana, but it definitely is the father of many modern implementations. It is always worth it to learn about Bitcoin, especially as Layer-2 solutions begin to emerge and add capabilities to Bitcoin itself.

11. The DeFi Developer Roadmap

The DeFi Developer Roadmap

DeFi (decentralized finance) was one of the first, and still is one of the most important applications of blockchains. This curated Ethereum developer handbook contains everything you need to become a DeFi developer on Ethereum, sidechains like Polygon, and derived chains like the Binance Smart Chain.

12. Build Your Own X

Build Your Own X

A general-purpose repository containing curated resources for multiple purposes, including Blockchain/Crypto. You get material for JavaScript, Python, Go, and some more languages. All learning materials are of high quality and good to follow.

13. Build A Blockchain With JavaScript

Build A Blockchain With JavaScript

JavaScript is a great language, and although it is not one of the major languages used to implement blockchains, it still can. This repository shows you how you can implement one for yourself and even comes with a UI that helps you to explore what happens under the hood better.

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